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Resolving conflict is rarely about who is right. It is about acknowledgment and appreciation of differences.
– Thomas Crum

Your Integrity Is Our Priority

O’Connell HR Solutions is a consultancy firm that specializes in dispute resolution. With an accumulated experience of 80 plus years in a variety of industry sectors, O’Connell HR Solutions have a proven track record and exceptional success rate at achieving resolution to complex conflict situations.

Established by Jim O’Connell in 2013 in response for the demand for measured approach to conflicts in the workplace and the skillset to acquire mutually acceptable solutions, O’Connell HR Solutions is trusted by many industry leading national and international companies to provide sustainable solutions to long standing conflicts and provide industrial relations mechanisms to help ensure the minimisation of industrial unrest going forward.

Primary Practice Areas

Conflict Resolution

Whether long established or recent conflicts, O’Connell HR Solutions provide the appropriate dispute resolution mechanism through a variety of approaches. E.g. Mediation, Workplace Investigations, Arbitration, etc..

Conflict Avoidance

We tailor solutions to your industrial relation needs (unionised or non-unionised) and provide industrial relations mechanisms based on your unique circumstances to ensure effective, efficient solutions to your  needs.


At O’Connell HR Solutions, we have extensive experience in the Irish Workplace Relations mechanisms provided by Statute Law for the adjudication and resolution of workplace issues.

You Need O’Connell HR Soutions if…

Your company is going through a period of change and legacy issues are preventing effective negotiations.

Communication channels are not effectively portraying your company’s needs or employee needs.

There is a lack of trust between Management and Employees.

You wish to improve the relations in the workplace.

You are seeing an increase in industrial unrest.

Primary Practices

Here are the some of the primary areas where we support and advise our clients
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Conciliation
  • LRC Submissions
  • Rights Commissioner Process
  • Employment Appeals Tribunal
  • Conflict Avoidance

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